Book Value Wuthering heights?

Answer Wuthering Heights is a classic novel for children ages 8-12. Other than this age group, the novel has no literary value whatsoever to adults above the age of 12 and children younger than 8. I thin... Read More »

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In wuthering heights how did heathcliff come to wuthering heights?

Mr Earnshaw brings him back from Liverpool, if I remember rightly. He finds him as an orphan - he doesn't speak any English and he has no family or anything like that.In Victorian England the impro... Read More »

What genre is Wuthering Heights?

Wuthering Heights is said to contain elements of different genres. It is a mixture of Gothic, Romantic and Victorian

What is the theme of Wuthering Heights?

There isn't just one theme, there are many.Most people would call Wuthering Heights a love story, while this is accurate, it is also one of revenge. Depending on how you read the book detrermines t... Read More »

In wuthering heights what was in Linton's will?

To be buried in the churchyard next to his wife.