Who among you knows about herbs What is sheperds purse herb tea good for?

Answer When dried and infused, it yields a tea which is still considered by herbalists one of the best specifics for stopping haemorrhages of all kinds - of the stomach, the lungs, or the uterus, and more... Read More »

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Facing Back the Face Book: What is your view about the five things that you should not share in the book?

ya its good awareness for common people after this many people will be alert also get some knowledge on this issue, me too having facebook account and i use that only rare occasion , by reading i g... Read More »

A question about bullying among 3-4 yr olds?

First of all, with regards to the school bullying, you should call the attention of the classroom teacher. Write an e-mail, talk to her in person whatever. And see how she respond, if she is not ... Read More »

About the Differences Among DDR, DDR2 & DDR3 Memory?

Memory or RAM (Random Access Memory) is an important component in the unending race to keep your computer running quickly and smoothly. There have been significant advances in RAM over the years an... Read More »

How do you create awareness among senior citizens about first aid?

Teach them on a level that they can understand and remember. Perhaps use 1st-3rd grade materials with pictures and reminders that they can display in their residence. Remember that dementia is prev... Read More »