What is the blue part of the U.S. flag called?

Answer There is not a record as to the meaning of the U.S. flag colors. In 1782, however, the Continental Congress used the same colors for the U.S. Great Seal and listed the meaning of the blue to stand ... Read More »

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Is there a computer program that tells you how to mix colors in proportion such as two parts of white plus 1 part of black plus 1 part of blue and show the resulting color?

There are so many excellent programs out there. If you type "mixing colors" in your search box, you can pick and choose the one that is right for you. I have previewed a couple of them for you and ... Read More »

What do you call the part of the u.s. flag that has the stars in it?

The portion of the flag that contains the stars is referred to as a canton. The stars on the United States flag symbolize the number of states included the union. Today's flag contains 50 stars and... Read More »

Why do we have a union jack as part of our flag?

The Union Jack dates to 1606, when it became the official emblem of the British kingdom. Today the Union Jack is the national flag of the United Kingdom, which includes England, Scotland, Wales and... Read More »