For the ladies! Do you like black guys with short haircuts or black guys with dredlocks better?

Answer really depends on the guy....dreads are sexy if worn is hard to pull off....short is sexy guys are just general...good luck

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Movie about a black girl who has fair skin and denies her black black heritage and her mother is a servant for a wealthy white family made in the 50's or 60's?

TH Family:Any pictures of family members of the guys?

To the first answer, that is not their mum, I remember reading somewhere that it was rumored that that was her but she is a TV presenter or something and that is not her.This is their mum: http://b... Read More »

Girls,do you like orange tshirt on guys(does orange look good on tanned skin black haired guys)?

When is that show with the black family on ABC family gonna come back on?

it depends in which city you are in because each city has different channels