When do you dig up dahlia bulbs?

Answer Dahlia bulbs, or tubers, should be dug up in late fall, after there has been a hard frost in your area. After the frost, cut all foliage off the plant, but leave tubers in the ground for two more w... Read More »

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How to Separate Dahlia Bulbs?

Dahlias are tender perennials with large flowers that color the garden every year. Every winter, dahlia bulbs must be dug from the the ground and stored for the coming spring. When digging the bulb... Read More »

How do i plant dahlia tubers?

LocationPlant dahlia tubers in the early spring in a sunny location when the ground has reached a temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Choose a location that gets about 8 hours of direct sunlight.... Read More »

How do I separate dahlia tubers?

DiggingSeparate dahlia tubers in the autumn or early winter after the foliage has been turned brown by the first freeze. Cut the foliage down to within 6 inches, then dig the tubers with a garden f... Read More »

Dahlia Flower Types?

Dahlias are indigenous to Central America, but have been cultivated all over the world. Most of today's dahlias are hybrids. Dahlia flowers are part of the sunflower family. They come in a variety ... Read More »