What is the birthing term for a goat?

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There is a car behind 1 of 3 doors and a goat behind each of the other 2 you point to one and open another that is a goat. do you stick with the door you have or change to win the car?

Yes at least 7-8 times.5 of them with the lasers and censors,2-3 times with the rings and water pistols.9 according to wiki

Goat Health: How to Graft a Baby Goat?

Grafting a baby goat is the process of getting a lactating goat to accept and nurse another goat's kid as her own. The most common reasons for needing to graft a goat baby include the death of a mo... Read More »

How old do you have to be to be in the birthing room?

Every hospital has different rules and regulations regarding children being present during a birth. It would be advisable to contact your doctor beforehand to find out. Generally, children ages 10 ... Read More »

Does the father have the right to be in the birthing room?

Nobody has the right to be in the delivery room except the patient and the medical personnel. If you do not want anyone else in the delivery room you should discuss it with your doctor ahead of tim... Read More »