What is the smallest caliber for white tail deer in texas?

Answer Game animals, including white-tailed deer, may be hunted with any legal firearm except for ones that use rimfire ammunition, according to the Texas Park and Wildlife Department. The regulations do ... Read More »

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When do white tail deer lose their antlers?

Male whitetail deer, also known as bucks, lose their antlers in late December through early March. The antlers will grow back bigger each year. The new antlers will be covered in velvet until it is... Read More »

Do deer alert others when their tail is raised?

When a white-tailed deer becomes alarmed, it instinctively raises its tail, revealing the stark white hair underneath. Against a woodland backdrop, the flash of white fur is like waving a bright fl... Read More »

How big is a white-tailed deer at birth?

White-tailed deer babies, called fawns, are born weighing a tiny 4 to 8 lbs. The males (bucks) will eventually grow to weigh as much as 200 pounds, while adult females (does) are generally a bit sm... Read More »

Diet of the White-Tailed Deer?

The white-tailed deer enjoys a huge range across most of the United States and southern Canada, with the species absent only from the Southwest's deserts and parts of California. The white-tailed d... Read More »