How to Hunt Mule Deer?

Answer Mule deer are found in the Western region of North America in states such as Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. Mule deer are cousins to the well-known white-tailed deer. The differences between the 2 inc... Read More »

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How to Hunt Mule Deer in Washington?

Mule deer are among the most popular big-game animals to hunt in Washington each year. This large animal is know for its distinctive ears, which resemble those of a mule. The state wildlife commiss... Read More »

How to Measure Mule Deer Buck Antlers?

A mule deer is a big animal, and while it's antlers aren't as prized as those of a whitetail buck, it can provide a fancy rack for the mantle. Points are part of the antler--the sharp, little protr... Read More »

When do mule deer shed antlers?

Most of the time, mule deer shed their antlers in January or February, after the breeding season. Sometimes antlers aren't shed until as late as April. Other factors also effect antlers shedding - ... Read More »

How long should you age mule deer meat?

Mule deer venison is more tender after being aged for at least a week at temperatures between 34 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit with good air circulation. The meat continues becoming tender until 16 to ... Read More »