What is the biggest massacre event in the history of Cuba?

Answer The biggest massacre in the history of Cuba took place in Caonao, near Camaguey. When the Spanish arrived at the town in 1502, they killed everyone who was there to welcome them. The people who man... Read More »

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Greatest loss of life massacre in us military history?

yes depending on a variety of things. Usually about a year sentencing.... depends if it is intended or not, if the victim dies or not, wat weapon etc... these all depend on how long a person gets i... Read More »

Name the biggest event in a teenager's life?

Driver's license graduation 16th birthday first kiss first car prom

What was the most devastating extreme weather event in history?

According to David Crossley, professor of Geophysics, the worst weather event in history was a global climate change. This happened around 3000 BC and had a great impact on the sea level, the Earth... Read More »

Who was the biggest quarterback in NFL history?

Standing at an impressive 6 foot 8 inches, Dan McGwire is the tallest quarterback to ever play in the NFL. As the younger brother of baseball legend Mark, Dan McGwire was never able to distinguish ... Read More »