Is H2O a living thing?

Answer Water (chemical formula: H2O) is a substance composed of hydrogen and water. Water is not able to respond to stimuli, reproduction, growth and development. Therefore, water does not meet the defini... Read More »

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Is a strawberry a living thing?

Strawberry is a swteet fruit. Its color is red..its very is a living thing...............

Why is water not a living thing?

NO, because water does not breathe, feel, see or have any similar characteristics to a living thing such as a human or plant. So water is not a living thing, but currently every known living thing ... Read More »

Characteristics That Define What a Living Thing Is?

From the simplest single-celled organism to a complex human being, life exists in an astonishing variety on Earth. Biology is the study of all forms of life and all living systems. In order to stud... Read More »

What is the best thing or biggest bargain that you have purchased in a charity shop?

LOL ( Aurora is going to pee herself when she sees this Q ) She is Queen of all things charity shop....And I'm her apprentice :-)I've gone to charity shops since I was about 17. Initially it was to... Read More »