Are there any high school football PS2 games?

Answer There are no high school football games for the PlayStation 2 console. However, the "NCAA Football 08" game from EA features a Campus Legend mode which offers you the chance to play as a high schoo... Read More »

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How to Get on a High School Football Team?

Getting to the high school football team is not hard, follow these these simple steps and you'll get in there eventually.

How to Play High School Football?

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Clothes for a high school football game?

I'm from Dallas and yeah it's pretty warm and (at this time of year) it'll stay warm even at night. So a tshirt would be fine. Wear your high school's tshirt if you can. Sneakers or flip flops - it... Read More »

How to Dress For a High School Football Game?

So unless you're really into football you may be bored at your school's football games but here are some ways to have fun and how to dress to show your ultimate school spirit.