What is the biggest SUV ever made?

Answer Although some consumers consider name-brand vehicles like the Ford Excursion or Chevy Suburban as the biggest SUV built, the bulletproof fully armored Knight XV from Conquest 20 feet in... Read More »

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What is the biggest six-cylinder engine Chevy ever made?

Although Chevrolet's General Motors sibling GMC produced six-cylinder engines up to 503 cubic inches, the largest six-cylinder Chevy ever produced was the 292, manufactured from 1963 to 1990. This ... Read More »

What is the biggest straight 6 engine Chevy ever made?

The biggest straight 6 engine that Chevy ever made was the engine for the Chevrolet Corvette in the years from 1997 to 2003. The six in the name of the engine refers to how many cylinders it has.So... Read More »

Is it just me or are ankle boots the ugliest shoe ever made....ugh?

They're ok for wearing under jeans etc where you can't tell but yes I must admit I wouldn't dream of wearing them with a skirt!!

Hello ladies,is it me or are ankle boots, the ugliest shoe ever made?

yes they are and THANK YOU!!! i love shoes, and boots, and have waaaaaay to many of both, but no ankle boots, they look terrible with trousers and even worse with skirts, i thought it was just me, ... Read More »