How big are a great white shark's teeth?

Answer A great white shark has triangular, serrated, sharp teeth that are up to 3 inches long. A great white has up to 3,000 teeth arranged in several rows. The first two rows of teeth are used for grabbi... Read More »

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How many rows of teeth does a great white shark have?

Great white sharks have several rows of teeth; the two front rows are used for grabbing and tearing prey. As teeth in the front two rows are lost or fall out, the remaining teeth move forward to fi... Read More »

Would like to see a fight between a great white shark and a killer whale(Orca)?

Saw that on Yahoo a few months ago. it was a short fight. the ORCA knows that turning a shark upside down puts them into a comatose state. then the ORCA shredded the great white

How long would a great white shark live if placed in apple juice?

First of all, we "all"already knew that you were not really going to do it. You didn't need to make that clarification. Now he would live only until he died from lack of oxygen and salt about 5 min... Read More »

Australians: Should the Great White Shark be taken off the protected speices list?

Definitely not! There are already too many people out to get them (then chop their fins off and throw them back into the ocean to die).