What was Socrates'motto as a code of conduct for human behavior?

Answer One of the principal teachings of Socratic thought was the motto, "Know thyself!" Socrates got this motto, which also heavily influenced his code of conduct, from the Oracle at Delphi.References:Bo... Read More »

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What Type of Scientist Studies Human Behavior?

The term "human behavior" covers the physical, mental and social activity of an individual or group, classified as common, unusual, acceptable or outside acceptable behaviors. Influences on behavio... Read More »

What Natural Events & Human Behavior Affect the Toucan?

South and Central American rain forests are the home of toucans. Toucans have long bills, which they use to catch morsels and to squash fruits. During mating they toss berries to one another. Indi... Read More »

What Is a System That Attempts to Imitate the Behavior of the Human Brain?

The Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is a computer science paradigm that is inspired by studies of the human brain. They exhibit several aspects of human behavior -- albeit in a much reduced capacity.

Thesis Ideas on Human Behavior?

The famous behaviorist Skinner wrote many years ago: "We run away not because we feel frightened, rather we feel frightened because we run away." It means that our behavior impacts our feelings and... Read More »