What is the biggest final-score point difference in NFL history?

Answer On December 8, 1940, the Chicago Bears trounced the Washington Redskins by a score of 73 to 0 in the championship game of the National Football League. As of July 2010, this remains the most lopsid... Read More »

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How long do the contestants on the biggest loser go home for before the final?

1 weekits not one week. they are sent home after 12 weeks and then they are home 90 days before they run the marathon. i do not know how much time passes between the marathon and the final showing ... Read More »

The biggest loser Australia 2009 placings final four finale?

Bob wins. he loses 52% of bodyweightTiffany 2ndSharif 3rdSammy 4thBob wins. he loses 52% of bodyweightTiffany 2ndSharif 3rdSammy 4th

How do I calculate final high school grade point average?

Numerical Point SystemAssign each letter grade to a numerical point: A's = 4 points, B's = 3 points, C's = 2 points, D's = 1 point and F's = 0 points.Conversion to Numeric PointsConvert each letter... Read More »

What is the final score in volleyball called?

The final score in volleyball is the match score. Most matches are either best of three or best of five sets, so a common match score for a three-set match is 2-1, which indicates one team won two ... Read More »