What is the biggest drawback of refinancing your home mortgage?

Answer The biggest drawback of refinancing your home mortgage is the closing costs that you have to pay as part of issuing the new loan.Why Refinance?People usually refinance their home mortgage to take a... Read More »

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How would you go about refinancing a home mortgage?

When a borrower needs to refinance his mortgage, several factors come into consideration. Is it a financially viable idea? Will the new debt be affordable, if I cash out part of my equity? Will the... Read More »

How to Claim Points Paid for Refinancing a Mortgage on Your Income Tax?

When you take out a mortgage or refinance your mortgage, your lender typically gives you the option of paying discount points, which represent an upfront cost paid to lower the interest interest ra... Read More »

What does refinancing your home do?

When you refinance your home you are restructuring the terms and conditions of your mortgage loan. Most people refinance to receive more favorable terms and save money.SignificanceRefinancing can h... Read More »

What are the guidelines for refinancing your home?

To refinance a home, a borrower must meet certain requirements. These vary based upon the type of loan chosen, whether it is a conventional or a government loan.SignificanceLoan guidelines help a l... Read More »