What is the biggest country in Southeast Asia?

Answer The biggest country in Southeast Asia is Indonesia, also known as the Republic of Indonesia. It is made up of five large islands and approximately 30 smaller island groups. There are more than 17,0... Read More »

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What is the longest river in Southeast Asia?

The longest river in Southeast Asia is the Mekong. Its course runs through territories in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Laos. The Mekong is also the twelfth longest river in the w... Read More »

What is the Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia?

The Golden Triangle in Southeast Asia is known as an illegal drug-producing area found on land of 950,000 square meters spread throughout Burma, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. The main drug produced i... Read More »

What two island groups are part of southeast Asia?

Indonesia and the Philippines are the two island groups that are part of southeast Asia. Each island group is characterized by tropical beaches, terraced hillsides, rainforest and marine life. Sout... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Child Labor in Southeast Asia?

Child labor is strife in many Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Myanmar, Malaysia, Laos, Indonesia and Cambodia. Children work on construction p... Read More »