Which country had the biggest debt in WWI?

Answer At the ending of World War I, the treaty of Versailles was forced upon the German government. In this treaty, Germany accepted the responsibility for the war and was required to make reparation pay... Read More »

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What is the biggest country in Southeast Asia?

The biggest country in Southeast Asia is Indonesia, also known as the Republic of Indonesia. It is made up of five large islands and approximately 30 smaller island groups. There are more than 17,0... Read More »

Which country has the biggest AIDS epidemic?

According to the international AIDS charity Avert, 5.7 million people in South Africa have the HIV virus, which causes AIDS, making it the country with the most infections. However, Botswana has th... Read More »

What country is the biggest producer of hazardous waste?

According to the Basel Action Network, the United States is the biggest producer of hazardous waste in the world, producing almost 75 percent of the world’s hazardous waste annually. The U.S. pro... Read More »

If you won the biggest lottery in the country at $50 million, what would you do with the money ?

I don't think any of really know what we would do. We all can only speculate what we would like to do. I would hope that I would handle it well and make the right choices on how to spend some, save... Read More »