In what city in China is the Great Wall located?

Answer The Great Wall of China extends across China from east to for a distance of approximately 5,500 miles. The Great Wall is not located in a single city in China but passes through many cities.Referen... Read More »

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Who has the biggest navy in the world China or the US?

The United States has the largest Navy in the world in both amount of ships owned and the amount of Naval servicemen serving. It is larger than any other navy in the world by far. The Chinese have ... Read More »

What is the biggest capital city in the world?

With a population of 28,025,000 as of 2010, Tokyo, Japan is the largest capital city in the world. The second largest is Mexico City, Mexico, which has a population of 18,131,000.References:World A... Read More »

What city is The Biggest Loser filmed in?

What city has China's biggest market of cell phones?

The city of Shanghai has the most cell phone users in China as the result of explosive growth in the telecommunications industry. It is estimated that the number of cell phone users in China will r... Read More »