What is the biggest office building in the world?

Answer From 1943 to 2008, the Pentagon was the world's largest office building, with 6,500,000 square feet. The Pentagon was surpassed when the Dubai International Airport opened Terminal 3, which has 16,... Read More »

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Why does Windows Vista suck so bad Its the biggest product from the biggest company in the world. Why oh why?

Windows Vista is brilliant but it's you Luddites who don't like change.

What is the biggest new world monkey&also the noisiest land animal in the world?

The howler monkeys of Latin America range in size from 1-1/2 lbs. at birth to up to 33 lbs. Formerly belonging to the primate family Cebidae, they have recently been reclassified into the family At... Read More »

Whats the biggest building i can build without a permit in nz?

You can get the only answer that matters by calling your local building inspector.

How big is the world's biggest tv?

Leave it to the japanese:…Mitsubishi Plasma TV218 feet wide38 feet tallYours for only 28 million bucks