How to Breed Rabbit Snails?

Answer Rabbit snails are freshwater snails from Sulawesi in Indonesia. Rabbit snails are also commonly known as Sulawesi snails, elephant snails, or by their scientific name, Tylomelania. These snails a... Read More »

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What breed of rabbit has ears that stand up?

Of the most popular breeds, the Dutch, Polish, Himalayan, Silver, Rex, Satin, English, Havana, Flemish Giant, Californian, Beveren, Sable and Chinchilla rabbits all have ears that stand up. There a... Read More »

What is the biggest breed of dog?

The biggest dog breed is the English mastiff. When fully grown, its average height is 30 inches and average weight is 160 pounds. It is not the tallest dog--the Irish wolfhound is--but in overall w... Read More »

What is the biggest breed of otters?

Giant river otters (pteronura brasiliensis), which live in South America, are the world's longest otters, reaching a length of more than 6 feet, but the sea otter (enhydra lutris) found in the Paci... Read More »

What is the biggest cattle dog breed?

The Anatolian Shepherd dog is considered a "giant" among known dog breeds. It is native to the area now known as Turkey. On average, these dogs grow up to 30 inches high and have been known to tip ... Read More »