What is the big muscle under your ribs that helps you to breathe?

Answer C but is properly called the solar plexus.

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Pain under left breasts kinda by ribs and skin shrunk in. What is that?

perhaps you should seek a doctor instead of tim tebow.... they should be easier to find... ((princess))

Is it true that exercising helps lower your blood sugar & helps prevent diabetes?

If you're pre-diabetic, or a non-diabetic, then exercise alone will not prevent you getting it (there are many lifestyle and genetic factors), but it's definitely a huge benefit.If you're diabetic,... Read More »

What do you call a part that helps your remote see the unit that is around a corner?

Answer Your best bet is to go to the Quasar web site and look up the codes for your model and plug them into the remote. If that doesn't work, chances are the remote is not compatible with your se... Read More »

Pulled muscle near ribs and heart?

To be on safe side give one week to 10 days rest, for complete recovery or muscle can tear up OK.