What the best workout routine for me ?

Answer below is a good workout video that you could start doing now and would be good the rest of your life.the workout is about 30minutes and you can do it with resistance bands or dumbbells and get and ... Read More »

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What's the best workout routine for skinny guys?

To increase the size of the muscles (and gain solid no-flab weight) you should aim to lift heavy. Whatever is heavy for you is the perfect amount, so don't be discouraged if it's not "actually heav... Read More »

What should be my Gym workout routine?

Keep the lifts heavyDo 3 -4 exercises a muscle4 sets eachEach muscle once a weekMon chestTue biceps an tricepsWe backThur shouldersFri legsAbs 5 -10 mins everyother day

What is a good Bowflex Extreme 2 workout routine?

The Bowflex Extreme 2 is a home gym that gives you the ability to perform more than 70 types of exercises while also being compact enough to fit in the corner of most rooms. A good workout routine ... Read More »

How to Do a Leg Workout Routine?

Leg muscles do a lot more than allowing us to walk, sit and stand. They support the back and some of the body's largest bones and joints. As we grow older, it is important to include leg strengthen... Read More »