What is the best workout regime for losing a gut...?

Answer The best way to burn fat thats around ur mid section is through hard cardio exercises such as running (sprint, stair master and long distance mix), calisthenics (jumping jacks, mountain climbers ec... Read More »

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Is losing 7 kilos of fat and doing dry land workout everyday for 1 month will help me swim alot faster ?

yes of course,your getting stronger and more fit!

What is an international regime?

International regimes take shape in areas of international relations requiring coordinated actions and policies among countries. International regimes handle issues relating to finance, nuclear tec... Read More »

Will this gym regime work?

Dumbbell training 'regime' help?

Well done man,I'm 15 to and I do running and weight training,i recommend you googling a site called dumbell exercises, I found it handy to make my own dumbell workout routine,just choose a couple o... Read More »