What is the best wood for burning?

Answer On One Hand: Soft WoodsAccording to the Consumer Energy Center, soft woods are best for starting a fire. They are simple to split and take only a few sparks to ignite. They also smell nice when bur... Read More »

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Is it safe to install a wood-burning insert into a zero-clearance wood-burning fireplace?

According to, you can install a wood-burning insert into a metal (zero-clearance) fireplace, but you have to make sure that the insert is compatible with your type of fireplace. It is da... Read More »

The Best Ways to Add Moisture to the Air While Using a Wood Burning Stove?

A wood burning stove is very effective at warming up your home, but you'll have to trade off some humidity to enjoy the warmth. Wood burning stoves tend to dry out the air in your home, which can c... Read More »

Which is hotter: a burning furnace or burning wood?

An industrial hardening furnace can easily reach temperatures of 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. Wood ignites at 374 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, with decayed wood igniting at lower temperatures. Therefore,... Read More »

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