What is the best wine choice to accompany a mexican meal?

Answer Mexican food and wine really do not go to gether. Now tequilla and beer are the best for real mexican food. I lived in mexico for two years never once did I see anyone drink wine with there meal.

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What's the healthiest choice at a Mexican restaurant?

Don't worry about it. As far as I know a few margaritas eliminate the effects of fat and cholesterol.

What would be a good name for a "Wine tasting and 4 course meal"?

Let there be wine!Save water, drink wineIt's only a matter of wine

I am 2 months pregnant smoked pot and had almost a bottle of wine with a friend Iam very nervous about the bad choice I made do you think i did any harm?

Alcohol Cigarettes and Pot always cause harm to both you and the baby, and while it can be argued that it is your business what self harm you cause in entertaining yourself, the same can not be rea... Read More »

What do You prefer good french wine or french meal ..?

I can't have both?Since I'm hungry right now I'll say the meal.:P