What is the best wine choice to accompany a mexican meal?

Answer Mexican food and wine really do not go to gether. Now tequilla and beer are the best for real mexican food. I lived in mexico for two years never once did I see anyone drink wine with there meal.

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What's the healthiest choice at a Mexican restaurant?

Don't worry about it. As far as I know a few margaritas eliminate the effects of fat and cholesterol.

What would be a good name for a "Wine tasting and 4 course meal"?

Let there be wine!Save water, drink wineIt's only a matter of wine

What do You prefer good french wine or french meal ..?

I can't have both?Since I'm hungry right now I'll say the meal.:P

Which you like best - Blackberry wine or Blueberry wine.?

I like them both but wines made with Blueberries are most subtle and nice then the other.