What is the best weed killer for dock leaves?

Answer weed killer that kill docks and fern

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What is the best weed killer for grapevines?

Several weed killers can be used on grapevines, according to the article, "Soil and Weed Management in Wine Grape Crops" by the Queensland Government. Spray.Seed (paraquat and diquat) and Basta (gl... Read More »

What is the best organic weed killer?

Thumb and forefinger; to pinch and uproot the weed, works well with small weeds. Pigweed, lamb's quarter and others are fine to eat in a salad or steamed like spinach.The best defense is a good off... Read More »

What brand of weed killer works best?

the best that I know of its called MEXICANS

What is the best weed killer on the market (Available to UK people)?

Anything with Glyphosate in it will do the trick. glyphosate is absorbed through the leaves and into the plant and then kills it - roots and all. But here's the good bit when glyphosate comes into ... Read More »