What is the best web authoring software you have used and why.?

Answer I gotta say Microsoft Frontpage.I can cut and paste to my heart's delight.It comes out right every time.There must be some self-correcting features built in.

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What is web authoring software?

Web authoring software, commonly referred to as an HTML editor, is an application used to create web pages. This software allows users from novice to advanced to design web pages that can be displa... Read More »

What is web page authoring software?

Web page authoring software is software installed on a computer that allows a person to layout the design and elements of a website like a desktop publisher. It allows a person to create a website... Read More »

What is web authoring?

Web authoring is the use of HTML software to create web content to be published on the Internet. Web content is information used to inform and entertain. Web content can also be information that re... Read More »

What is Adobe AIR authoring?

Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) is a cross-platform applications builder for rich Internet content and applications. Adobe AIR combines elements of Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, HTML or Ajax and allows d... Read More »