How to Know What Weapon to Choose on Call of Duty?

Answer Having trouble trying to decide what weapon best fits you? Well this article is here to show you how to tell what you need. The great thing about Call of Duty is that it let's you create and custom... Read More »

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How to Get a Golden Weapon in Call of Duty?

CallofDutyman with his golden sniper rifle.Golden weapons. They look cool and also show off your prestige, but it isn't exactly an easy to task to achieve one. It takes dedication. And work.

How to Get the Ultimate Weapon in Call of Duty?

Weapon kind of dull? Or is it just to original? Learn how to spice it up.

How to Choose a Good Weapon in Call of Duty 4?

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Of these 3 final fantasy bosses who is the hardest omega weapon emerald weapon or ruby weapon?

Out of these three Ruby weapon is definitely the hardest. Emerald weapon is fairly difficult but is susceptible to the "Lucky Sevens" status which can take away about half of his HP right off the b... Read More »