How to Choose a Weapon in Halo 3?

Answer Different weapons have different uses for different situations. Here is a list of weapons to choose from and tips on how to use them.

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How to Hide Your Weapon in "Halo 3"?

"Halo 3" is a wildly popular first-person shooter video game available exclusively for Microsoft's Xbox 360 system. During multiplayer competitions, it is possible to hide your weapon with the use ... Read More »

Use Halo Weapon Tactics?

This article will teach you how to use different types of Halo weapons.

Of these 3 final fantasy bosses who is the hardest omega weapon emerald weapon or ruby weapon?

Out of these three Ruby weapon is definitely the hardest. Emerald weapon is fairly difficult but is susceptible to the "Lucky Sevens" status which can take away about half of his HP right off the b... Read More »

What Final Fantasy boss is harder Omega Weapon or Emerald Weapon'?

Omega is probably harder. Emerald is a push over, takes about 10-15 minutes of cut scene KoTR, where as there is no super materia combos in FF8