What is the best way to wipe your butt?

Answer Use your hand and soap and water. That will be the cleanest way. When you use toilet paper you get dingle berries. You don't want tp stuck in your butt do you?????

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How do you wipe your butt when you are wearing artificial nails?

Thats a wonderful question!!!! i have never seen this kind of question posted on here before! it kinda made me laugh. i dont think you should get fake nails anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barney the Dinosaur has really short arms how does he wipe his butt?

How soon after getting my butt eggs fertilized will my butt baby arrive?

2 hours, and, considering you asked this question 2 hours ago, I'll assume you're giving birth right now! Yay!

My Doc recently saw my butt and now stares at me and winks. Is this cause I got a sexy butt?

No it's because he saw the skid marks and knows that you shat yourself.