Girls ... What's the best body to seduce college girls?

Answer if you think all it takes is a body to seduce girls, you have a lot of growing up to do.

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How to Get over a Broken Heart for Girls?

Are you or a friend dealing with a broken heart? Hopefully this article can help.

Is 136 high for a 13 year old girls heart rate?

That is very high. You should get that checked out. At that age, people of outstanding fitness and health ave around 60bpm, and the average is 80. Your heart rate is the amount that people's increa... Read More »

What is best to have big heart or big wallet?

A big wallet will never ever compensate for the stinginess of a small, self-centred heart. A big heart gets creative in expressing care for others, which means a big wallet really isn't necessary.L... Read More »

What is the best medicine for a broken heart?

chick flicks, girlfriends, ben and jerrys cookie dough ice cream, wine.give it 4-5 hrs and heart will be repaired!