Best lower back tattoo for a classy girl?

Answer one that's the same color as her skin

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What color will best best for a girl room?

pink, lavender, sky blue, [mine is gonna be neon orange]

I am old. What is a 'holla back girl'?

The phrase has widened a bit. SOme people use it as a term for a girl who is "easy"...all you have to do is "holler" for her and she's there. But this link may give you a wider view of the original... Read More »

Best option for wifi repeater WITHOUT losing 50% bandwidth - DD-WRT or tomato and back-2-back AP's ?

You can do what you depict using bridges for the "backhaul" but there is still some loss of speed. Setup MAIN --->Bridge--AP --> Users it does work. there are units made to do this (not your off th... Read More »

What episode does dyson get his love back for bo in the tv show Lost Girl?

season 2 episode 21 into the darkhope that helps!! (:]