How to Unplug Ears?

Answer Several factors cause plugged ears. Wax buildup as well as air flow blockage to the Eustachian tube from water or dust can cause the ear drum to not vibrate normally. Often, in the case of an air b... Read More »

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My ears are plugged how do i unplug them?

If you have alot of wax buildup in your ears. you can get a wax remover kit from a drug store for your ears. or if its bad go to a doctor and they can look in your ears and remove the wax for you.w... Read More »

What is the best way to unpop your ears?

Try these in this order:1) yawn2) pinch your nose and blow gently. DON"T PUT ALL YOU'VE GOT INTO IT. If your ears don't clear this way, you can damage your eardrum if you blow too hard.3) take ... Read More »

Best place to get your ears pierced?

Hey :) I just got mine re-pierced today so I can answer all your questions. I went to People's Jewellers, but other good places are Ardene's, Claire's, Piercing Pagoda, etc. It doesn't hurt too bad... Read More »

What happens when you unplug your DVR?

A DVR is a video recorder that stores television programs digitally. Unplugging a DVR will cause it to lose power and shut down. Any programs being recorded at the time the DVR was unplugged will b... Read More »