What is the best way to unclog a sink?

Answer Normally a plunger will do. But what is important is ... on bathroom sinks there is an overflow hole and you have to plug this hole with a rag to get a good result. If you have a double sink in y... Read More »

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How to Unclog a Double Sink?

Kitchen sinks are the dumping grounds for food, grease and even paint. This debris will cool and solidify within the pipes, causing slow drainage or tough clogs. Kitchen sink clogs can be very frus... Read More »

How to Unclog a Sink Naturally?

A clogged sink can be a major nuisance, but it generally happens to most homeowners at some time or another. It's usually caused by dirt, gunk, and hair buildup and can be a pain to get rid of. May... Read More »

What is the best way to unclog a kitchen sink?

Look at your plumbing underneath your sink. If plastic you shouldn't need tools. Get a bucket or pot that will fit beneath the plumbing directly under the drain, where you see the U shaped pipe uns... Read More »

How to Unclog a Kitchen Sink?

How many times each day do you use your kitchen sink? If you're like most people, the kitchen sink is indispensable to your daily routine, but you don't really appreciate it until something goes wr... Read More »