What is the best way to treat a minor burn with only house hold items?

Answer Yes, shaving cream, put it on the burn for about an hour, I swear it works. DO NOT USE BUTTER OR TOOTHPASTE!!!! You'll get a darn infection.

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How to treat a minor burn?

Just apply melted butter. Do not peel the skin.

How to Make a Spy Kit from House Hold Items?

Did you ever want a spy kit but your parents said that it was to much. Well here's how to make one from household items!

Can u dye your hair blonde with house hold items?

peroxide makes it lighter, but it is also bad for your hair because it drys it out, and if you put lemon juice in your hair, the sun will lighten it.

20 house hold items made from fabric?

Blanket, rugs, pillow, pillow cover, bed sheet, bed cover, sofa, wall-mat, TV cover, cushion, cushion cover, table mat, towel, clothes, napkin, handkerchief, telephone cover, hand bag, travel bag, ... Read More »