How to Tell Your Girlfriend That You Love Her?

Answer Ever worried about telling someone you love them? Worried about rejection? If that's you, read on!

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How to Tell Your Best Friend's Boyfriend That You Don't Love Him in That Way?

Best friends' boyfriends... They can be described in many ways. They're annoying, make you jealous, can be your best friends at times, but then, let's face it: they're also really, really fun to fl... Read More »

How to Tell Your Best Friend That You Are in Love With the Same Guy?

Sistahs.Ah, amour. Things can be hard when a friend likes the same guy you do. It can break people apart. But if you read this, that won't be necessary.

How to Tell a Guy Who Has a Girlfriend That You Like Him?

At school, there is always that guy you like, but there's a problem; he already has a girlfriend who he has been dating for a while. There is a secret to telling him your feelings without ruining h... Read More »

How to tell my mom and dad that my girlfriend is pregnant?

My best friend got pregnant by her boyfriend who she had known and dating for several years. Her boyfriend came to her house alone and spoke just with her dad. In a very calm tone he explained how ... Read More »