What is best way to stop smoking?

Answer Quitting smoking is a great opportunity to learn about ourselves.Congratulate yourself on having the desire to stop - then you are over the worst, but still need to maintain your resolve. It's jus... Read More »

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What is (truely) the best way to stop smoking cigerettes?

Kirk Douglas, on a talk show, described how his father quit. He looked at the lit cigarette and asked, " Who is stronger here, you or me?" Then he ground out the butt and never had another. I qu... Read More »

Hi. What is the best natural way (no meds) to stop smoking?

I'm 50 and I've been smoking for over 30 yrs now. Quit once for 54 days (long story).The only way to quit smoking is Cold Turkey. Everything is in your head. Once you decide to quit just do it. Kee... Read More »

What the best ways to stop smoking weed?

The best way to stop smoking anything is to quit cold turkey. Only if you are serious about it. You can talk a good talk, but can you walk the walk???? You have to change everything you've done ... Read More »

My girlfriend started smoking cigarettes. what is the best way to get her to stop?

I know exactly what smoking will do to me and i dont plan on smoking FOREVER.. i like to do things on my own.. not when someone else forces me.