What is the best way to stop self harming?

Answer I don't think there is a 'best' way. You need to find a way to avoid the cycle that ends in you feeling that self injury will release anguish. Self harming is a way of silent screaming. By recog... Read More »

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How to Stop Self Harming?

If you’re tired of hiding your arms with sweaters, or wearing hats to cover your hair; tired of trying to hide your self-harm, this is for you. It’s not going to be easy to stop self-harming, b... Read More »

Am I harming my ears?

It sounds to me like you could benefit from a visit to your local audiologist, they are experts at this kind of thing. It could be something as simple as wax buildup causing the ringing to using yo... Read More »

How to Play Assassins (Non Harming)?

This game is a great game to play with lots of your schoolmates/ co-workers! It doesn't involve physical violence, and you can also do it for charity!

How to Trap a Mouse Without Harming It?

Do you have a mouse problem but don't want to actually kill the poor little critter? Maybe your pet mouse has escaped and you just want to get him back in one piece? Here's a sure-fire way to catch... Read More »