How can i stop nose bleeds?

Answer apply pressure and tilt your head down, not up cause you will choke on your blood. It works for me

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How do I stop getting nose bleeds?

This is one you've gotta ask your doctor.There are just too many possible reasons....

What can cause nose bleeds?

A nosebleed can be a commonplace occurrence for many people; a minor inconvenience at worst, with causes that are easy to understand and resolve. But nosebleeds can also be a symptom of a more seri... Read More »

What is the best way to stop a nose bleed ?

See my answer here-My wife and I are mixed on this question: What is the correct way to stop a nose bleed?;…"Your wife is correct. Pinch the soft portion of... Read More »

Why do you get nose bleeds?

The veins in your nose are very thin and sensitive, and when irritated in some way will cause a nose bleed. Some people have a lot of nose bleeds.However if the blood is POURING OUT OF YOUR FACEGo ... Read More »