What's the best way to minimize (stop) 'crying' when chopping onion?

Answer watch this vid

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What can i do to stop crying when cutting onions?

stick your head in the freezer every now and then

What is the rhyme to stop babies from crying?

Rock a bye baby, In the tree tops,when the wind blows ,the cradle will rock,when the bough breaks the cradle will fall,and down will come baby cradle and all .I use this with my 6 month old baby an... Read More »

What REALLY works to stop you from crying when you chop an onion?

Lighting a small votive candle near my chopping board. I thought it was the most bizarre thing I've ever heard, but it actually works. I have super sensitive eyes and keep my onions in the fridge... Read More »

How to Stop Crying?

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