How to Deal With Catching Your Parents Having Sex?

Answer Catching your parents having sex can be turned into a huge dilemma. But catching your own parents having sex ...that's a nightmare that could leave you scarred for life. Here are some tips to handl... Read More »

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How do you find your birth parents without hurting or offending your adoptive parents?

Yes ==but there isa more money in not adopting the kid. I would think it over. STATED BY AUTHOR

What is the safe way to use torrent without catching any virus?

I've downloaded like 30 torrents and I havent got a virus yet. Usually I download the ones that have alot of seeds so people leave comments like "works great, etc...." and the uploader will respon... Read More »

If you are 16 and adopted can you start looking for your birth parents without permission from your adopted parents?

Can you get adopted if your parents put you in a house with someone you don't want to live with if someone else will take you without your parents permission in the state of Florida?

A placement, in this context, would be the location where the child is placed following intervention. This can either be public care (subject to a care order), foster carers, accommodated by a loca... Read More »