What is the best way to stay awake for 48 hours aka 2days?

Answer -Get 1 Coffee for every hour once you are feeling like you cant stay awake.-Splash water in your face if you cant keep your eyes open-Do something more active then TV, but not tiring, maybe a video... Read More »

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How difficult would it be to stay awake for 48 hours... binge drinking for the latter 12 hours?

I would have a very difficult time staying awake under those conditions. Best of luck.

Is it bad to stay awake for 48 hours?

The worst could be you will just be super tired. And likely a bit moody :) I wouldn't drive or use anything dangerous after that time period either, until you are well rested. Personally I find wit... Read More »

How to Stay Awake at Least 24 Hours Straight?

So you want to have a contest to stay awake the longest. Want to watch all of the Simpsons Episodes? Or you have to do that 100,000 word essay in two days? Now you can stay awake.

How many hours can a person stay awake?

probably depends on what you're doing. Did you hear about the guy who stayed awake for like 72 hours playing video games and then just died? Always knew video games would kill ya!