What is the best way to start a fire in a fire place with real wood?

Answer 1. shred newspaper into strips, crumple it and make a medium pile, this must be enough paper to keep burning to get all of the small wood started. It needs at least enough starter material to last ... Read More »

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How to Start an Oak Wood Fire?

Whether you're building a fire in an open hearth, in a wood stove or while camping, slow-burning oak wood is an excellent choice of fuel--with one important proviso: It must be well and truly seaso... Read More »

How to Start a Fire With Wet Wood?

Anyone who has spent time in the outdoors camping or hiking has likely been faced with the reality of wet wood when it came time to start a fire. Starting a fire with wet or damp wood can be challe... Read More »

How do I start a wood stove fire?

Start a Pile of Kindling in the FireboxCrumple and ball about four or five sheets of newspaper, and set them inside the firebox's bed. Layer several 2-inch wide, 6- to 8-inch long strips of cardboa... Read More »

How do I start a fire in a wood furnace?

Loading the WoodOpen the door to the furnace's firebox, and load the wood into the firebox. Place the larger pieces of wood on the bottom and the taper smaller pieces on top like a pyramid shape. ... Read More »