What is the best way to splice a wiring harness?

Answer Splicing an wiring harness can help you add multiple components to the same power source. When done properly, splicing is a perfectly legitimate way of utilizing one electrical source to power seve... Read More »

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How to Splice a 2002 Dodge Caravan Battery Harness?

Splicing the positive battery cable on your 2002 Dodge Caravan is a good way to extend the power cable from the battery to power any other component that the battery powers. You will need to use a ... Read More »

How to Splice Doorbell Wiring?

A doorbell not only announces visitors, but also introduces yourself to them through your choice of design and chime. There are numerous styles available and you can change your existing doorbell t... Read More »

How to Splice Six Wires in Light Fixture Wiring?

Splicing wires is the process of joining them together through a means to make a solid electrical connection. The most common method of splicing electrical wires together for a light is to use a wi... Read More »

How to Put a New Wiring Harness In an MGB?

Putting a new wiring harness in an MGB was a consideration made by the car's company. Most of the wires on the harness will be fitted with the proper type connector for their use.They will also be ... Read More »