What is the best way to settle a lien with a home owners association?

Answer Talk to the HOA. They will likely be willing to settle. If you need a 3rd party to help you settle, consider mediation. Mediation is where a neutral 3rd party helps you and the HOA come to a mutual... Read More »

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What kind of lien can a home owners association file?

Of all the types of liens that can be filed on a real estate title, the association can file a 'specialty lien' specifically to collect unpaid assessments. With a lien against the title, you cannot... Read More »

Can a home owners association place a lien on your home for failing to follow a rule?

Your association probably cannot file a lien as a first, unannounced step, to 'get your attention' because you violated a 'rule'. Apparently you are in dispute with your community's board based on... Read More »

Can a home owners association file a lien if you break a covenant?

Read your home owner's rules and bylaws. You may have agreed to the terms when you bought the property. Laws vary from state to state, but they probably can!

Can home owners association sue for a lien paid when property was foreclosed on?

Your question sounds like this series of events took place: The association filed a lien on a unit. The property was foreclosed upon. The foreclosure paid the lien. The association wants it money.I... Read More »