What is the best way to remove or eliminate the sludge when using a French press?

Answer Well, I've never passed mine through a filter - and I grind mine sometimes even a bit longer. To remove the sludge (from the press and carafe) I sometimes soak it in a light white vinegar rinse and... Read More »

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DIY: Can I Eliminate the Press-Down Sink Stopper in My Bathtub?

The foot-activated stoppers in bathtubs retain water for bathing. Sometimes hair collects in the drain and removing the stopper makes it easier to access the plug without using caustic drain cleane... Read More »

How to Remove Oil Sludge From the Outside of an Engine?

Keeping the exterior of a car or truck engine clean has advantages. A dirty engine makes routine maintenance or repairs a dirty job. The dirt and grime from the engine is transferred from your hand... Read More »

How to Remove Engine Oil Sludge?

Engine oil sludge can build up in the engine's valve cover and oil pan, blocking the oil screen siphon and resulting in engine failure. The buildup is difficult to diagnose because a blockage may n... Read More »

How to Remove Sludge From a Gas Tank?

Over time, sludge, trash and water can build up in your vehicle's fuel tank and cause your fueling system to become clogged. This buildup of waste materials can also cause your gas tank and fueling... Read More »