What is the best way to relax after a busy day?

Answer Invite bored friends round who will have dinner ready for you at home, a bath ran for you, a cup of tea ready made to perfection, the breakfast stuff from this morning washed and put away.... And ... Read More »

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What do you do after a hectic day to relax?

Just get into a nice warm robe and have something hot to drink, put my feet up and watch tv or read.

For those of us too busy to go a bar or liquor store, what are some good lunch options on a busy workday?

Inject vodka into oranges and freeze them. You can peel away to your heart's content at the dwsk and they will think you are nothing more than a health nut and a workaholic. When you finally pass o... Read More »

What is the best way to relax?

good massage and a hot bubble bath and a good rest .

What is it with all these busy-busy people?

They have been sucked into the thinking that "modern life is busy and stressful", that you're a nobody if you're not a high achiever. I doubt there are any here on YA!