What is the best way to quit smoking cigarrettes?

Answer the method that has worked for me is what i call the''slow down' usually i would have about 10 ciggertes a day and iv been doing that for about a year then when i wanted to quit i started smokeing ... Read More »

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How can i quit cigarrettes?

i am currently trying to quit and those nicotine losenges really cut the craving

I quit smoking pot 3 weeks ago.What is the best way to clean out my system for a new job.I have quit for good.?

OK a smoking check up to see who have still quit smoking & or have you quit yet ?

Hi ausblue you are awesome, I have given up so many times I have lost count.I truly admire those that succeed.

Quit Smoking with laser acupuncture in Littleton or Denver Colorado Stop smoking?

I heard about this from my dentist, Acupuncture and Low Level LaserQuit Smoking Littleton! Acupuncture and Low Level Laser therapy have a very powerful effect on the chemical system of the body. Bo... Read More »