What is the best way to propagate raspberries?

Answer Raspberries are propagated by digging up the canes ensuring that each has some root attached and replanting. Even sections of the root can be cut and planted.

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What Is Eating My Raspberries?

Raspberry plant pests can infest your plant, weakening the berry canes and eventually killing the plant if not treated. Animals can steal your fruit crop. Combining biological and chemical control ... Read More »

What Vitamins Are in Raspberries?

Raspberries are comprised of small fruit-containing seeds (drupelets) organized around a hollow cavity. Raspberries prevent damage to cell membranes and other bodily structures, and combat excess w... Read More »

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What Kind of Soil Do Raspberries Like?

Raspberry varieties grow in colors of yellow, purple, black and red. These different varieties ripen at various times of the year. Summer-ripening berries will ripen at any time of the summer; ever... Read More »